XT MPPT System

Low voltage MPPT: low voltage MPPT, the very own invention of XT group, the battery arrays are consists of six groups of two pieces batteries in parallel, if there's any error of any group of the battery arrays, the maximum voltage of the system is acceptable of human body and will not cause any damage to human in any kind of scenarios.


Derating At High Temperature

In order to increase the system reliability at high temperature circumstance, XT power system designs auto derating function. When temperature reach set volume, system will decrease the output automatically according to the real working temperature. Thus system reliability shall be kept. When temperature is above 75 celsius degree, system will keep 5% output to power the CPU/sensors for fault analyses in the future. It's very useful for hot place.


Program Modular Dual Backup

There built-in program in each solar/wind/other modules of XT intelligent hybird power system. That means, if any module, even the central control module fails, the system will automatically choose a prior module to manage the whole system as the original control module, and coordinate the power system to ensure the power supply is not interrupted. This system is hard to shut down, and save much maintenance job as well.


Full Range Monitoring

XT integrated monitoring system is specialized/professional/pervasive compatible, can monitor all working parameters to prevent risks/increase system reliability and to reduce the OPEX.