PT Jaladri Prima Intertrade founded in 2007 which is domiciled in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since the establishment of Jaladri focus on making the latest solutions and orientation on Green Technology products. Supported by an experienced human resources more than 30 years in the sector of Telecommunications and Electricity as well as having a good relationship with the government, making Jaladri as a company that can be trusted to provide solutions to our customers and business partners. We will provide the best service products, sustainable technologies and the latest technological solutions, as well as after-sales keep the advantage of Jaladri.

Company Vision

  • We aspire to be the most innovative company in INDONESIA who carry and create innovative products and Sustainable making it beneficial for the partners and customers, with the aim that partners and customers can maximize investments and its Business.
    INNOVATIVE partner and Environmentally Friendly for every business in INDONESIA.

Company Mission

A provider of innovative products and environmentally friendly as well as providing the best service for partners and customers.

By applying:

Good corporate governance
Advance and Original Technology
trully service
environment Friendly
Total Customer Satisfaction