edc-ussdMain FEATURES

  • Banking, Payment USSD Based Communication

    We give your option from legacy communication with our secure, fast and inexpensive using GSM-USSD communication solution

  • USSD/2G Communication Technology

    We used 2G as basic GSM Services for machine customer so 3G/Data Services will be human customer priority

  • Online Monitoring System

    Everytime, everywhere got your vehicle position/track information



Our solution are handling any entities on the business. We propose with End to End solution to give the services provider satisfy and supporting the business in well.

Customer Payment
Merchant FunctionBank/Payment
Service Function
  • All of Standard EDC/E-KIOS Support
  • Online Menu Updater
  • Portable with Secure USSD communication
  • Secure transaction with HSM and SAM support
  • Communication using USSD or SMS
  • SMS/USSD OTP (One Time Password) Enabled
  • Get Info Last Transaction
  • Online Transaction Management (Deposit, Top Up, Manage Downline, Update profile etc)
  • Online Reporting
  • Online Get Transaction Info
  • Online Fraud Detection
  • Dashboard, Reporting And Monitoring
  • Customer Profile Data


We also flexible when have additional entities to supporting the services provider business.With our local support Low Cost and could be No Cost on improvement depend on busines agreement but its our commitment to totally supporting our customer.

More Information:
EDC, E Kiosk- USSD, 3G, FO, ADSL