Our aim is to enhance the competitiveness of wired and wireless telecommunication companies by providing them with innovative telecommunication solutions based on our solid. By doing so, we ultimately wish to materialize a world where telecommunication services are available at a reasonable price and furthermore to improve the quality of peoples' lives.

We do our best to develop leading technologies by creating secure intellectual properties, core technologies, and promising human resources.

We respect the diversity of each individual while placing priority on working together as a team and trying to become true professionals armed with adventurous entrepreneurship.

We gain profit by conducting business in a fair manner based on autonomy, responsibility and trust. We aim to build confidence in all of our employees, become respectable businessmen, and make a favorable working environment where everyone can realize their dreams.

Capitalizing on our past experiences, we hope to become one of Korea's top telecommunication equipment companies and expand to global markets.

In making this vision on March 2001, all employees have gathered their opinions. As we move along, we will continuously add to and upgrade our vision.

Based on its firm technology and experience, SOLiD provides the optimum mobile communication products. Digital Mobile Broadcasting is the state-of-the-art technology converging communications and broadcasting. SOLID provides Satellite DMB solutions, based on the firm technology and experience. SOLiD Technologies provides solutions for your broadband access network.

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